Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Aidez Cardigan

Hello friends! Many apologies for my long absence- that was a much more extended break than I intended to take. I hope you had a lovely, restful holiday, and that 2013 is being friendly so far. One of my goals for the new year (I wouldn't go so far as to call it a resolution...it remains to be seen how resolute I am) is to be better about sharing my knitting projects on Ravelry, and tracking alterations I've made to patterns before I forget what I did.

Sadly, it's much too late for this sweater on that front: I remember only the bare bones of the changes that I made, but I figure they're not getting any clearer in my head, and I might as well share it while I still remember the gist.

I made this Aidez cardigan last winter, and it was a surprisingly quick, and completely delightful knit. I wanted it to be really wearable, and I was concerned about feeling like Ralphie's little brother when I tried to put it on under a jacket, so I opted to use a significantly lighter weight yarn (Cascade 220), and smaller needles than the pattern called for.

In order to make up for the substantial gauge difference (I'm small, but I'm not that small), I did a bit of calculating, and determined that if I followed the directions for the size medium, the finished product would be about the same size as the extra small- which is exactly what I was hoping for.

It's wonderfully cozy, not at all itchy, and, though substantial and warm, doesn't feel bulky or stiff. And, of course, it pairs perfectly with my Arctic Ribbed Hat, and the gorgeous Norwegian Mittens my mom made for me...

What's on your needles these days? Any amazing new sweater patterns I should know about? I always enjoy a cabled project, but I feel like it's time I got some more experience with colorwork. I'd love to hear your project recommendations!

P.S. Check out the free Aidez pattern here.

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