Friday, July 27, 2012


Image found via COLOURlovers

What a cute, summery outfit.

This shirt made me LQTM (Laugh quietly to myself. Let's be often do you really LOL when you say you LOLed?)

OK, I really did laugh out loud at T-Rex Trying. Best Tumblr ever.

Isn't this braided turban amazing? I feel a DIY coming on...

These egg sandwiches are my new favorite easy breakfast. This weekend I may even add some Canadian bacon. Look out world.

Gorgeous bike style.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wednesday Wishlist

Cozy, polka dotted cashmere with black and gold accessories. I would pair them with some black leggings and a crisp Fall day...

On another note, I think I may officially be the last person on earth to try the DIY hex nut bracelet (seriously, when I asked the guy in the hardware store where the hex nuts were, he said: "Are you making that braided bracelet?"), but I finally got around to it last weekend. Super fun- not to mention cheap, easy, and adorable. I highly recommend it! Unless I really am the last person on earth to have tried it, in which case...hey, nice bracelet! ;)

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Up up and away

I saw a pile of straight pins sitting on my sewing table, and guess what they reminded me of?

So, of course, I had to make a tiny house to keep them company.

Also, I learned how to make animated .gifs- something I have wanted to do for so long! Maybe it has something to do with Harry Potter, but I'm completely fascinated with pictures that move. Hopefully you like them too, because they're likely to be making a lot of appearances around here until the novelty wears off. 

This is the
video tutorial I used, if you're interested in learning to make them yourself. It definitely helps to be somewhat familiar with Photoshop, but if you're not, I suspect there are lots of other tutorials out there that use simpler programs. Happy animating! 

P.S. While sharing this project with the boy this morning, we struck upon the idea of making
Up pincushions, and for about five minutes we fancied ourselves geniuses. Then I found this. Oh, you crafty people...always one step ahead of me. ;-)

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Weekend

Photo by Dewitt Jones

Got any fun summer weekend plans? Lounging in a field blowing bubbles sounds just about my pace...

Here are a few links to keep you entertained:

A cute, casual weekend outfit (though I would probably pair mine with these sandals, for comfort's sake)

Is it too early to be thinking about Fall knitting projects?

Perfect summer drink.

Asian flank steak and sweet slaw. So easy, and so delicious.

Love this color combo.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012


Have you seen these bookscapes by Guy Laramee? They're incredibly detailed topographical sculptures carved out of old hardbound books!

Found via Colossal

 And here I thought it was cool that I could fold a paper crane. You win, Guy Laramee. You win.

P.S. More here.
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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Helmet Hair

Photography by Anna-Alexia Basile, via Refinery 29

These adorable, helmet-friendly dos could not have been better timed for me: I just bought a new bike and started riding to work!  If I'm being totally honest, I usually just tie my hair back so it won't get in my face while I'm riding, then try to spruce it up in the bathroom once I get to work (or cover it up with a cute straw fedora).  These tutorials are inspiring me to step-up my riding style! Check out the full slideshow here.
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Feeling Tribal

Image from the Freedom catalogue, found via Pinterest.

I don't typically find myself attracted to things whose style could be called tribal or global or Southwest. I tend to prefer much simpler, cleaner lines and color palettes (and when it comes to decor, most everything I love has the word "modern" or "Scandinavian" associated with it), but this gorgeous living room is making me think again. Turns out, when combined with a few modern pieces to keep it in check, I have a pretty serious tribal obsession. There's something about it that makes a space look so cozy and inviting- like real people live there!

I've put together a little round-up, so we can all sprinkle some tribal into our lives.

P.S. Is anyone else rocking these tribal leggings? I've only worn them out of the house a couple of times, but boy do they put a spring in my step when I do!
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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Flag Cake

I realize this is only my fourth post on this blog, but I think I may have to retire after this one. I've outdone myself. Peaked too soon. This cake is officially the coolest thing I've ever made.

In all seriousness, this project was a major motivator for starting my blog before the 4th of July. I actually made it last year, and there was
no way I was waiting another year to share it with you! (For the record, I think I'm gonna cut myself a break this year and make something a little lower maintenance, like this.)

I won't pretend it isn't a serious undertaking, but if you've got it in you, 
make a flag cake!! It is such a fun project, and the delighted, awestruck looks on the faces of family and friends when you cut it open are well worth the effort.

These crumbs remind me of fireworks!

Here's the lowdown:

  • I followed these instructions, pretty much to the letter, except I opted to use this basic vanilla cake recipe instead of a boxed mix (you know, because this project wasn't time consuming enough already). In order to make the day-of as relaxed and easy as possible, I made the cake layers ahead of time and froze them, so all I had to do in the morning was assemble and frost!
  • I used this "seven minute frosting" recipe, which holds up really well in the heat and tastes deliciously like marshmallows (though it invariably takes more than seven minutes to come together).
  • I strongly recommend using a gel food coloring to get those super-saturated colors without overwhelming your batter with liquid.
  • The cake bunting is made from triangles I cut out of scrap fabric, sewed together, and tied to two wooden skewers (if you look closely at the bunting and my outfit, you might see some familiar fabric...). If you're not sewing-inclined, here's one on Etsy that's very similar to mine.

If you're going to go all-out-crazy-patriotic with the dessert, you might as well look the part.

Now add a beautiful day, and a mean game of croquet...

friends and family...

and you've got a recipe for a blissful day.

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