Is + Was is (and was) a fashion, design, and crafting blog featuring sewing and knitting projects, recipes, DIYs, and lots of outfit and home decor inspiration.  

Who are you?  Hi, I'm Jessica Parsons-Taylor - musician, seamstress, knitter, clothing designer, and enthusiastic baker. I'm 28, but nobody believes me. I've been an ardent admirer of many fashion, crafting, and lifestyle blogs for quite a few years now, and I've just recently decided to join the conversation by becoming a blogger myself. You can also find me on Pinterest and Instagram. Feel free to e-mail me at isandwas@gmail.com- I'd love to hear from you!

What's in a name?  Is + Was is named after my Scottish Granny and her father. After many frustrating months of searching for a meaningful name for my little company that wasn't already taken, my granny told me the story of the nickname a family friend bestowed on her and her father, based on their initials (I.S. and W.A.S), and I was instantly smitten. An ode to my inimitable, spunky, beautiful matriarch that happens to perfectly fit my modern/vintage design sensibilities? Done and done.

Why is your shop empty?  It won't be for long! I am in the process of getting my shop stocked and open, but in the meantime, watch the blog for sneak peeks of things that will be available in the Is + Was shop soon.

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