Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Up up and away

I saw a pile of straight pins sitting on my sewing table, and guess what they reminded me of?

So, of course, I had to make a tiny house to keep them company.

Also, I learned how to make animated .gifs- something I have wanted to do for so long! Maybe it has something to do with Harry Potter, but I'm completely fascinated with pictures that move. Hopefully you like them too, because they're likely to be making a lot of appearances around here until the novelty wears off. 

This is the
video tutorial I used, if you're interested in learning to make them yourself. It definitely helps to be somewhat familiar with Photoshop, but if you're not, I suspect there are lots of other tutorials out there that use simpler programs. Happy animating! 

P.S. While sharing this project with the boy this morning, we struck upon the idea of making
Up pincushions, and for about five minutes we fancied ourselves geniuses. Then I found this. Oh, you crafty people...always one step ahead of me. ;-)

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