Friday, November 2, 2012

Have A Fun Weekend

Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire. Found here.

I've been a terrible blogger this week- my apologies. The days fill up so fast, and I'm still working on finding a balance between the things I want to do, and the things I'm obligated to do (for the record, posting here definitely falls into the "want to" category). It's hard not to go into hibernation mode at this time of year- the sky gets dark so early, and all I want to do is snuggle and eat soup and read books in bed. Thanks for being patient with me. I hope to have lots more fun stuff to share next week.

In the meantime...

This made me laugh til I cried.

These pear and chocolate scones must happen this weekend. And, on that subject, I get to go meet Deb of Smitten Kitchen in Portland on Monday and buy her book. I cannot wait! I fear I'm going to be a completely starstruck little fan-girl.

This flowered and striped dress is perfection.

Don't grow up, it's a trap.

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