Saturday, October 13, 2012

Have A Lovely Fall Weekend

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Happy weekend, my dears! Do you have any fun, seasonal plans? I was hoping to go apple-picking, but it looks like the rain is settling in for an extended visit, so it might have to wait until next weekend. Maybe I'll just skip the picking part altogether, and go straight to baking this mouth-wateringly delicious caramel apple pie. Yes, I think I will. :)

Here's some inter-tainment (ha!) for you:

This took my breath away: a tree within a tree.

A live action version of The Simpsons intro.

Holy moly, this 86 year old gymnast is my heroine.

This Onion article made me guffaw.

Lovely fall layers.

Hope your weekend is filled with red leaves, crisp breezes, and warm apple pie.

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1 comment:

  1. Thanks for infusing my rainy Saturday with inspiration. Must go sign-up for an elder-gymnasts class right now before it's too late!