Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pirates vs. Ninjas

Image found here.

How cool is this pirates vs. ninjas hand painted chess set? Answer: Cool enough that it's making me want to get serious about becoming a chess ninja. It would be totally DIY-able with some of these little people, a paintbrush, and a bit of time and patience.

See 11 other awesome chess sets here.

P.S. I also really like this 3D one- so creative!

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  1. Hello sweetness! Love your blog, love this chess set (OMG!) and your little crochet cuties are killing me! I can't wait for your Etsy store, because I'm going to be your #1 customer! If you get the chance, can you remind me which lens you told me you've been using lately? Getting a jump-start on the Christmas list...

  2. Thanks so much, Jenny. I'm thrilled that you like the blog! The lens I mentioned is the Canon 85mm f/1.8. It's so lovely- I always end up preferring the pictures I take with that lens. Plus, you can get beautiful close-ups without having to get in people's faces! So nice to see you the other day. xo