Monday, October 8, 2012

Henri and Mabel

Why, hello there! This curious little creature is Mabel Mouse. She likes adventures and strawberries. And what does every curious, adventurous little mouse need?

Why, a shy and cuddly bear buddy, of course!

And what does every shy, French bear need?

My cousin's sweet little girl turned one this summer, and I thought she might enjoy some new furry friends. Henri and Mabel were made with these two free Ravelry patterns (the mouse pattern is actually called Marisol, but I felt certain that this one's name was Mabel). They were such fast, easy, and delightful projects- perfect for using up scraps! If you're planning to give them to a small child, I recommend taking extra care to sew their little arms, legs, and ears on firmly. Michael volunteered to "stress-test" mine...which...erm...looked a lot like swinging them around by their various appendages.

If you'd like to add a jaunty scarf, simply cut out a small triangle of fabric, finish the edges in whatever way you like (pink, hem, serge, anything goes), and sew two small pieces of ribbon to the corners for tying.

Now see if you can find it in your heart to let your adorable buddies go live somewhere else... Happy knitting!

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  1. Those are really adorable, Jessica! Really, truly.

  2. Thank you so much! They were super fun and fast to make- I love knitting projects that don't require a gauge. :)