Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy Weekend

Photo by Joe Taylor for Is + Was, altered by me

Ah, the sweet taste of Friday. What are you up to this weekend, my friends? I'm starting to feel the pressure to squeeze in lots of summery, outdoor activities while the weather is still nice, so there may need to be picnics and bike rides and blackberry pie for me. Hope you've enjoyed the petite shopping guide so far. Check back next week for the wrap up, plus an exciting DIY...

Cool things from around the web recently:

A great sneaker roundup. Hooray for practical (and adorable) footwear!

These apricot amaretti cookies sound delicious.

A bedtime calculator- you tell it what time you have to get up, and it gives you a list of the best times to go to sleep, based on sleep cycle length.

Have you heard about Dudepins? It's Pinterest for men. I'm pretty bummed that they didn't call it Menterest. :)

Love Liz's Neon Dots Tote Tutorial.

This outfit has me feeling slightly friendly toward Fall.

Hope your weekend is lovely and relaxing.

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