Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Petite Shopping Guide: Crewcuts

Crewcuts is a goldmine for petite J.Crew lovers. Truth be told, I haven't explored the J.Crew petites line very much because they frequently make miniature versions of their adult clothes in the Crewcuts line (as well as lots of great Crewcuts exclusives), and they're so much cheaper! Every time I hear someone exclaim over how cute this stuff is and lament that they don't make it in adult sizes, I do a little self-high-five and feel slightly mollified about how hard it is to find clothes that fit.

Best for:
  • Blazers and jackets (don't forget to raid the boys section for a cute tomboy look)
  • Unique and classic shoes (I have two pairs of Bensimons from here that I've worn to death)
  • Pants- think miniatures of the women's, like these pixie pants
  • Skirts- I'm in love with this Moon-Dot one. I promise I won't wear it with the Moon-Dot Tunic.
  • Button-downs and blouses.
  • Sweaters- especially classic fisherman and other knit styles that start appearing in the boys section in the Fall.
Bonus: Shipping is always free on Crewcuts orders. Hooray for being small!

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